Watch Erica Lynne is badd sextape full video

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Erica Lynne’s sex tape with her boyfriend Adrian is out today, and we has the SFW trailer.

Vivid Entertainment is releasing the former porn sex tape, and the company’s executive, Steven Hirsch, is making a prediction similar to the one he made for Kendra Wilkinson’s sex tape.

Vivid co-founder and chairman Steven Hirsch said, “When word got out on Twitter that the footage existed, we were immediately interested.”

“It’s amazing how many fans each of them has and apparently they are very eager to see this movie,” Steven Hirsch. “Erica Lynne is badd will be one of our biggest sellers ever.”

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  1. That dude looks like a rabbit. He needs to wear braces.

  2. its so desperate and pathetic.. releasing your own sex tape? is this what the world has come to? enjoy your 15 minutes of fame. sad

  3. Erica Lynne is badd – was a playmate – sure she has plenty of sextapes – with plenty of her bfs – this one is great though – toys and stuff – well u know)

  4. Why are so many young women today making sex tapes, whoring themselves­, and dressing like sluts? I don’t get it. Seriously, do men want to marry this type of young woman?

  5. annonymos says:

    Everyone’s saying why is she doing this? and ohh its so sad to see someone doing this, why the fuck are you on here then? stop being so high and mighty and shut the fuck up.

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